How to Use Video for Job Search and Personal Branding

Making videos today is no more a personal choice. It’s the need of the hour. A video boom dominates online content. More videos are uploaded today than ever before, and not embracing videos will leave you at a massive disadvantage. 

Close to fifty percent of all videos come optimized for mobile phones. Videos are further accessible with a phone camera, high-speed internet, and tools like an online video editor. More than 75% of data on the internet today is made up of video content. 

Low attention spans have also led to a favorable market for videos. Few people like reading longer text-filled blogs. This change also means short-form videos are the new wave of content today. 

But how does this format work for an individual? Do job seekers and freelancers also need to bank on videos, or is this solely for brands? 

Let’s take a deep dive and find out more about how videos can help every single people who use the internet: 

Videos for Job Seekers 

Think of Video Resume 

Yes! A video resume is a real thing. Rather than using just a sheet filled with words, a video resume uses animations, footage, and skillful editing to present all your highlights in a brief video. 

These are usually talking-head videos, whiteboard videos, animations, and much more. They work exceptionally well when applying for a creative role or a position that demands elaborate explanation. Such a film can either work as a supplement to the resume or an add-on to the single sheet. 

“Why Hire Me” Video 

Want to land your dream job but unable to grab the attention of the brand? Well, videos have worked like a charm in this aspect. The famous youtube channel called Yes-Theory is a well-known example of this trick. 

Their in-house editor uploaded a video explaining why he should get a job as a video editor with them. He also used this video to describe his shorts, showcase his skills, and make a strong case on his behalf. All this effort eventually led him to a role as an editor on their team. 

Explains Industry Aspects 

The best way to make you an invaluable asset in your industry is to showcase your knowledge. This is possible by making videos about aspects of your industry. If you are a software programmer, make videos on youtube about your latest personal projects.

Explainers and How-To Videos are also a fantastic way to put forth your knowledge. Teaching and sharing tips and tricks make you look like a powerhouse of expertise, thus enhancing your brand value. 

Answer FAQs 

Another great way to show off your knowledge skills is by making videos about the frequently asked questions in your domain. These videos also help you reach more people since online videos platforms like Youtube are the second most popular search engine after youtube. 

Such videos are also easy to create as they just involve talking to a camera. Use an online tool to edit your work faster easily. This tool also comes with pre-set templates and transitions for anyone with zero knowledge of editing.   

Videos for Personal Brand Building 

The subsequent substantial demand of the digital age is the need for a strong personal online brand. This branding defines your personality and makes it easier to build trust when looking for work. 

Enhance Your Social Media Presence 

We are all aware that social media today is dominated by video content. Anyone can make videos with a simple idea and an online video editor. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have also announced their priority to video content. 

Youtube has an interest-based landing page; a user sees more of the content than they consume. This algorithm makes it easier to find an audience for your work. Reels On Instagram and Shorts on Youtube also service the same purpose. 

Social users also tend to consume more content in video format than any other. This means you will have to create consistent video content to remain relevant and build a strong following. 

Follow a Trend 

Trends drive the internet; you do not need to look for content creation topics. They come to you in the form of trends. 

Making videos on trending topics helps you ride the wave and find more people who admire your work. Social media experts recommend that a creator put a personal spin on the exciting trend to make it their own. This process is called trend-jacking.   

Go Live

The live feature on social media is a compelling way to make videos faster. Apps like Youtube, Instagram, and twitch can allow you to produce streaming content quickly. They require almost no equipment or editing to create either. 

Live-Videos once a week can also help build a habit in the audience’s minds about your content. The regular followers will often come back to your work knowing a normal routine exists. 

A Day in the Life 

A day-in-the-life style video or film of personal experiments and challenges is also an excellent way to showcase your personal philosophy. These videos put forth your challenges and help build a connection with the end-users. 

Interviews and Podcasts

Interviews and podcasts help in both buildings a personal brand and professional credit. When done in a relevant domain with good production value, they can attract a massive fanbase. 

Ensure you have a good balance of quality content and reliable guests. Pick a theme you love talking about and also possess some knowledge. While podcasts are known to be an audio medium, the rise of video content made video podcasts very popular.  

In Closing,

Looking to start making videos but unsure where to begin? Start by making your first video. A channel introduction or a person yourself. This is also an excellent premise to practice. 

Write a few lines about yourself, and learn to film yourself in front of a camera. Use an online video editor and phone camera at first before you decide to make an investment in something more expensive. 

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