SSC CHSL 12-13 April 2021 – All Shift Asked Questions

SSC CHSL Exam 12 13 April 2021 – All Shift 1 2 3 GK GS Asked Questions, section-wise Exam Analysis With Answer Good Attempts Difficulty Level. SSC CHSL Tier-1 exam has started from 12 April 2021 and lakhs of students are appearing in it. So, we have provided SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2021 All Shift Asked Questions for you. Here, you can get SSC CHSL Tier-1 April 2021 All Shift Exam Analysis in details and shift-wise.

Many students search for SSC CHSL 2021 Quantitative Aptitude Analysis for their upcoming exams. Some other students also want SSC CHSL 2021 General Intelligence Analysis to prepare. So, check all the SSC CHSL 2021 Quantitative Aptitude Analysis questions provided below and prepare for your exams.

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Shift Timing 2021

Name of Shift Reporting TimeExam Time
Shift 107:30 AM09 AM -10 AM
Shift 210:30 AM12 AM – 01 PM
Shift 301:30 PM03 PM – 04 PM

SSC CHSL Exam 2021 Good Attempts

SectionGood Attempts Difficulty Level
English Language19-20Moderate
Quantitative  Aptitude18-20Easy to Moderate
General Intelligence & Reasoning21-23Easy
General Awareness17-18Easy to Moderate
Overall76-80Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL 13 April All Shift Asked Questions

General Awareness Asked Questions

  1. Who has became the youngest Mayor of Kerala- Arya Rajendran
  2. Who is the Author of Untold Story? – APJ Abdul Kalam Azad
  3. Who led The 1857 Revolt in Lucknow?- Begum Hazrat Mahal
  4. 10 Degree Channel separates: Andaman & Nicobar
  5. ICC Spirit of Cricket was awarded to: MS Dhoni 
  6. 2nd Round Table Conference was held in: 1931 in London
  7. India’s Manchester is situated near which river?- Sabarmati River
  8. The deficiency of which vitamin causes Sterility?- Vitamin E
  9. Lionel Messi belongs to Which country?- Argentina 
  10. During August Movement which operationw as started?- Operation Zero Hour
  11. In which language was Babarnama written?- Persian
  12. What is the capital of Canada? – Ottawa
  13. Which player was awardes with the Mulagh medal?- Ajinkya Rahane
  14. Which is the device used for measuring Altitude? – Altimeter
  15. By which Article the ordinance power is given? – Article 123

English Language Analysis

  • Antonyms: Stretch
  • Synonyms: Emerge, Isolated
  • One-word: Retrospection, Study of Map
  • Error: Subject Verb Agreement
  • Spell Check: Auspicious, Endeavour
  • Cloze Test: Like based
  • Voice: Past Indefinite Tense

SSC CHSL 12 April All Shift Asked Questions

General Awareness Asked Questions

  1. The rank of India in Global Hunger Index 2020 is? – 94th rank
  2. Who is also called the Napoleon of India? – Samudra Gupta
  3. Champaran Satyagrah was started in the year? – 1917
  4. Which state is situated in Yamuna Nagar- Delhi
  5. Scientific Name of Potato: Solanum Tuberson
  6. Who is also called the Grand old man of India?
  7. The Founder of the Pal Dynasty is? – Gopala
  8. Who is the Prime Minister of Finland?- Sana Marin
  9. Blue vitriol is also called?- Copper Sulphate
  10. Who is the Current Agriculture minister? – Narender Singh Tomar
  11. Which city is located on the Saryu River?- Ayodhya 
  12. The district with the highest Literacy Rate is?- Serchipp
  13. Which is the Deputy Election Commission of India? – Umesh Sinha 
  14. The book Pathway to God was written by?- Mahatma Gandhi
  15. Cashew Nuts grow in which type of soil? – Sandy Loamy Soil
  16. Which Batsman has played the most number of Test matches? – Sachin Tendulkar
  17. The largest Floating Solar Park is located in? – Madhya Pradesh
  18. Who is the Chief Justice of Telangana? – Hima Kohli
  19. Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated in? – Chambal River, MP
  20. What is the Chemical Name of Vitamin C? – Ascorbic Acid
  21. The red pigment in onions due to the presence of? – Anthocyanins
  22. Pamban island is situated in which state of India? – Tamil Nadu
  23. Who is the Chief vigilance commissioner of India? – Sanjay Kothari
  24. In which state Renuka lake is located? – Himachal Pradesh
  25. Who was the first Indian woman who won the Olympic medal in wrestling? – Sakshi Malik
  26. Who founded The City of Murshidabad was founded by? – Akbar
  27. The UBUNTU is an? – Operating system
  28. The author of the book ‘Amnesty’ is?  Aravind Adiga
  29. Who gives the slogan – Who lives if India dies? – Jawaharlal Nehru
  30. The scientific name for Potato is? – Solanum tuberosum
  31. The definition of force is given by which law? Newton’s first law of motion
  32. The term ‘Hang’ is related to? Computer
  33. Law commission established in which year? – 1955
  34. The road connectivity for char Dham is done in which state? Uttarakhand
  35. What is India’s first satellite? – Aryabhata

Quantitative Aptitude Analysis

  1. Find the average speed if, 48 KM is traveled with a speed of 40 KM/hr and another 52 Km is travelled with 65 km/hr?
  2. If Principal of 2000 amounts to 2662 in 3 years. Find SI?
  3. 30% of the apples out of 450 are rotten. Then find the number of apples not rotten?
  4. In how many years Will the principal of 3000 Will yield an SI of 1080 at 12% Rate of Interest?
  5. Rs. 550 is to be divided between ram and shyam in the ratio of 5:6. Find share?
  6. A:B = 3:5 , B:C = 7:9 then what will be the value of C:A?
  7. cosec A = Root 5/ 2 then find sec A + tan A – Cot A sin A?

English Language Analysis

  • Antonyms – Resolve, Precious, Pretend, Precision
  • Synonyms –  Prevalent, Extent, Stretch, Prudent, Random, Brittle
  • Idioms – Far Cry, Living in Fool’s Paradise, Rule the Roost, Caught red-handed, For all ears
  • One Word – Adulteration
  • Cloze test – On “European industrial revolution”

General Intelligence / Reasoning Analysis

This General Intelligence section contains 25 questions for 50 marks. This is the most scoring topic of the exam and most of the students love to solve it first. Students score the most marks in this section as it is easy as compared to other sections. So, we will soon update the asked questions.

SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam 2021: FAQ

Q. 1 What was the level of the SSC CHSL Tier – 1 Exam 2021?

Ans: The level of the SSC CHSL Tier- I Exam 2021 was easy to moderate.

Q. 2 What is the good attempts of the SSC CHSL Tier – 1 Exam 2021?

Ans: The overall good attempts in all shifts of SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam is 76-80 questions.

Q. 3 Which was the toughest section in the SSC CHSL Tier – 1 Exam 2021?

Ans: According to most students English is the toughest section in the Tier-1 Exam 2021.


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