3 Tools to Make Your Job Description More Engaging

A job description is the most vital part of the hiring process. It plays an important role in the whole process of talent hunting especially to attract highly-skilled professionals. It is the first bit of communication that allows talented people to know about the role, requirements, and benefits of the job.

An engaging job description helps HRs to attract candidates who can be a good fit for both the job and consequently for the company also.

Making your job description appealing is a hectic process. With the evolving technology and to ease the process of making attractive descriptions, there are a number of good tools that can help HR managers in making the job description appealing, interactive, engaging, and yet informative to attract more and more ideal candidates.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the three most useful tools that can be useful in this regard. But before heading towards the tools, let us first explain the importance of engaging job descriptions.

Why Making Engaging Job Descriptions is Important?

An engaging job description has a crucial role in the job application process because it carries the right yet important information about the job. This information helps job-seekers to know about the job requirements, qualifications, and other benefits and then decide if it is a job that they actually want to do.

An engaging job description is important for a number of reasons:

  • Communicates the company’s requirements to the job seeker.
  • Helps to showcase the accurate criteria for the vacant job.
  • Describe legitimate minimum qualifications/requirements for the job

3 Tools to Make Your Job Description More Engaging

1.     Text Summarizer by Paraphraser.io

In order to make job specifications engaging, HRs must need to keep them descriptive and informative. This is where Text Summarizer by Paraphraser.io helps, as it allows users quickly extract main points from a long piece of text by wrapping up the summarized text to a specified length. It works by utilizing advanced algorithms that first analyze the main points in the input text, and then generate a short yet informative summary of that text.

Moreover, this text summarizer is available in two different summarizing modes.

  1.  “Summarizer” (the simpler one)
  2. AI Summarizer” (the AI-based)

The first & simpler mode utilizes the conventional processes to generate a short summary of the input text, while the second mode utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to generate output results.

To give you a better idea of how the tool summarizes long pieces of text into shortened ones, we are going to provide it with a long text from a random website to see how it deals with it.

As you can see in the image attached above, the tool has quickly summarized the long text into a shortened one by efficiently grasping the main points.

Free and easy to useTo many ads
Allows users to set summarization length 
Multiple summarizing modes 
No word limit per submission 

2.     Grammarcheck.ai

Grammarcheck.ai is a free online grammar checker that allows HRs to make their job descriptions engaging by eliminating grammar and spelling errors. It is an AI-based grammar-checking tool that can quickly detect even the smallest grammar or spelling errors in the input content.

Additionally, the tool also detects punctuation errors and provides suitable suggestions that users can use in order to improve the overall quality of the job descriptions.

For a better understanding, we are going to provide the grammar check online with a piece of text containing a number of grammar and spelling in order to see how it detects it and provides appropriate suggestions. The result can be seen in the attachment below:

As you can see in the picture above, the grammar checker has not only detected errors in the text, but also provides suggestions to resolve these errors.

Some of the notable features of grammar checkers include unlimited words and an option to resolve all the errors at once. The unlimited word count will allow users to resolve long text/documents without dividing them into several portions.

While by using the resolve all error feature, HRs can quickly make the job descriptions error-free instead of manually correcting each mistake.  

Easy to useSometimes ignore punctuation errors
AI bases suggestions 
Unlimited word limit 
Multiple file upload options 

3.     Enlightenjobs Job Title Generator

When it comes to making the job description appealing and engaging, the title of the job contributes a lot. Job titles are not only used to identify specific roles and responsibilities within the organization but also help candidates properly understand the type of work within the company hierarchy.

The job title generator by Enlightenjobs allows HRs to create job titles that will be easy yet informative for job-seekers to find. The tool has integrated thesaurus to provide users with better most relevant titles related to their search.  

Whenever the user search for a specific job title using this generator, it searches relevant synonyms on the thesaurus and then comes up with a more attractive, relevant, and informative title.

To provide a better understanding of how this generator provides results, we are going to give it “Content Writer” job titles in order to see what type of title suggestions it provides us.

As can be seen in the image attached above, the generator has provided a number of job titles relevant to “Content Writer”.

100% freeDoes not provide suggestions
Accurate suggestions 
Easy to use 
Integrated with thesaurus 

Final Words:

HRs always have a never-ending to-do list of tasks, and creating engaging job descriptions in order to hire the best talent for the company is probably one of the most crucial tasks. That’s why, in this article, we have come up with a list of the three best tools that help you in making the job descriptions engaging and appealing quickly and efficiently.  

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